ARKIPELAG Youth Restoring Skincare Duo

Youth restoring duo for all skin types with a need for improved elasticity

Helps to:

  • Improve elasticity
  • Minimize visible lines
  • Prevent cell damage through powerful antioxidants
  • Increase moisture retention

Arkipelag active serum 30 ml / 1 fl.oz.

Containing Astaxanthin, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, the Arkipelag serum is formulated to help improve elasticity and skin quality as well as maintaining hydration and moisture levels throughout the day. Studies have found the antioxidant up to 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C in the ability to fight free radicals. As oxidative stress is one of the major causes behind premature ageing, this serum works with natural and effective nutrients to help counteract and adress cell deterioration caused by oxidative stress.

Astaxanthin has also been shown to help protect the skin from sun related damage, such as pigmentation spots and dry skin, as well as increasing the moisture levels and elasticity of the skin. Derived from an Archipelagic microalgae, the ingredient has a bright copper red colour which gives this serum a beautiful apricot tint.

Deeply moisturizing nutrients like laminaria algae and olive derived squalane help to improve moisture retention and keep skin well hydrated for a more glowing and youthful appearance.

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua (Water), Phytosqualan (Olive)*, Beta Glucan/Beta Glucan (Oat)/Aqua (Water)*, Propanediol/Picea Abies (Norwegian Spruce) extract*, Glycerin, Methylsilanol Mannuronate (Laminaria Algae), Sorbitan Olivate/Cetearyl Olivate (Olive)*, Lepidium Sativum Sprout extract (Water Cress)/Lecithin/Glycerin/Aqua/Water*, Propanediol/Aqua (Water)/Acmella Oleracea extract*, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Oil*, Haematococcus Pluvialis extract, Xanthan gum/Pullulan/Lecithin/Sclerotium gum, Caprylyl Glycol/Glycerin/Glyceryl Caprylate/Phenylpropanol, Brassica Oleraceae var.Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil)*, Cetyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Palmitate, Sorbitan Olivate (Olive)*, p-Anisic Acid*, Sodium Phytate*. *eco certification

Arkipelag skincare supplements 30 capsules, 30 days supply

Based on astaxanthin from archipelagic Swedish micro algae, this skin care supplement works cohesively with the Arkipelag serum to help improve skin quality and elasticity.

Thanks to its ability to reach both the outer and the inner structure of the cell, the astaxanthin can provide skin cells with a more in depth protection and nourishment. Studies of the powerful antioxidant has shown significant improvement on skin elasticity, reduction of fine lines and increased moisture retention.

By combining astaxanthin with vitamin C and vitamin E, this skin care supplement is formulated to have an anti-infammatory and restorative effect, to keep the skin protected and strengthened from the inside and out.

Ingredients: Helianthus Annuus, Gelatin, Haemato- coccus Pluvialis (Astaxanthin), Glycerol, L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), D-alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Glyceryl Mono-/di-stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Aqua, Soy Lecithin, Iron Oxide.

Nutritional information, per 1 capsule / % av DRI (daily recommended intake):
Astaxanthin 4 mg, DRI not established
Vitamin E 10 mg, 83%
Vitamin C 60 mg, 75%


  • Gently apply the ARKIPELAG active serum to cleansed face with your fingertips. Can be used alone or under moisturizer. For best result, use daily.
  • Take 1 capsule of the ARKIPELAG skincare supplements a day. Consult your physician before using if you are under medical supervision or are pregnant or lactating. Not for use by children under 12 years of age.