About us

A new skin care concept for a long lasting result

Lindarome makes gentle and effective skin care based on natural ingredients with the vision – beauty from the inside out. The products are manufactured in Sweden and  completely free of parabens and mineral oils. Thanks to many years of industry experience and knowledge from research and scientific studies, the brand has been able to pick out the finest and most powerful ingredients from the nature.

The Swedish product line will take your skin care routine one step further. With carefully selected nutrition that works cohesively from the inside and the outside, your skin can achieve a natural balance and wellbeing. Taking care of your skin also means feeling good from the inside and out.

To us, skin care is more than just products, it is also a part of a healthy life style. Your skin will tell how you feel on the inside so we want to inspire our customers and show them how they can incorporate skin care in their every day life. With our website, newsletter and Instagram feed we frequently share recipes of beauty boosting food and informational facts about our active ingredients. We encourage our followers to engage themselves in the jungle of skin care, to learn more about ingredients and how to achieve a balanced skin from the inside and out.

The products

The product range consists of active serums or cream combined with skin care supplements. We promote and sell our products as skin care duos: a serum or cream combined with its own skin care supplement for a better and long lasting effect.

Our products work cohesively from the inside and out.

All of our products are based on natural and active ingredients.

We carefully select ingredients that are effective, safe & considered non-irritating to keep the product range suitable for everyone.

To be able to ensure high quality, we develop and manufacture the products in Sweden according to GMP standards.

We are not using any parabens or mineral oils.

Our product range is cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us by sending an email to info@lindarome.se.

The Lindarome brand is part of the Facell & Body AB company (Bus.reg. No.: 556813-7763).

Facell & Body AB
c/o Första Entreprenörsfonden
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