SKYMNING skin care duo: restoring & soothing [night]

Soothing & regenerating night duo for all skin types

  • Stimulates gently and helps prevent premature ageing
  • Soothes and restores damaged or dry skin
  • Invigorates and balances for a healthy glow
  • Perfect for mature or sensitive skin

SKYMNING active night serum – 1 fl.oz.

The rich night serum contains Norwegian spruce, blueberry and sugar maple extract, with a sweet berry fragrance. It will leave your skin looking and smelling wonderful.

The serum is formulated with a safe and effective antibacterial agent; Norwegian Spruce. The soothing and natural ingredient help to protect the skin against bacteria and lower the risk of infection. The antimicrobial formula heals damaged or dry areas naturally and does not affect the normal Ph level of the skin.

Containing powerful antioxidants the serum replenishes dehydrated cells and fight free radical damage. The natural extracts neutralize these damaging agents and increase skin elasticity, protecting naturally against signs of ageing. It rejuvenates dull skin tone and moisturizing the skin for a fresh, healthy look.

SKYMNING skin care supplement [night] – 60 tablets

SKYMNING skin care supplement is packed with refreshing and antioxidising nutrients, including Vitamin D3 and red algae. The essential nutrients provide the skin with a rich source of polymeric carbohydrate molecules. These have the natural ability to increase moisture retention capabilities and strengthen the barrier function of the skin.

The supplement incorporates high amounts of minerals, easily absorbed by the skin for a moisturized, fresh look. The purifying minerals act to protect the skin, nourish, and maintain its moisture balance.

This night formula is designed for even the most sensitive skin. SKYMNING skin care duo contains magnesium that enhances the sleep quality. This purifying mineral also helps to prevent signs of ageing, it decreases inflammation levels and initiates cellular detoxification.


  • Gently apply the SKYMNING active serum to cleansed face with your fingertips. Can be used alone or under moisturizer. For best result, use every night.
  • Take 2 tablets of the SKYMNING skin care supplements before going to bed. Consult your physician before using if you are under medical supervision or are pregnant or lactating. Not for use by children under 12 years of age.