MIST skin care duo: detoxifying & purifying

Refreshing & detoxifying duo for over exposed skin

  • Purifying and refreshing
  • Strengthens the skin’s immune system
  • For skin exposed to urban environments
  • For impure and acne prone skin

MIST active serum – 1 fl.oz.

This active serum moisturizes and purifies while providing the skin with powerful protection against external and internal toxins. The serum is deeply moisturizing thanks to one of its main ingredients squalane, a beloved natural moisture binding agent.

The cleansing aspect comes from the Watercress Sprouts, which are known for their purification and detoxification properties. The ingredient is best used for fighting skin impurities and increasing the skin’s natural protection against pollution and UV damage.

Brown Seaweed extract helps to cleanse the cells of heavy metals as well as increase elasticity and tone by allowing your skin to retain its natural moisture. This will support the skins natural protection barrier and increase resistance to urban pollution.

MIST skin care supplements – 60 tablets

MIST skin care supplement is a refreshing and detoxifying nutrient for the skin in tablet form to work cohesively with the active serum. Based on purifying extracts from vegetables like Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables the tablet helps to purify, protect and strengthen the skin’s immune system.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to counteract skin problems like acne, uneven tone and impurities. Ginger and cayenne pepper are detoxifiers and immune system stimulants that help to repair damaged tissue and rejuvenate the skin back to its youthful, glowing, natural beauty.

MIST skin care supplement will boost the skin’s detox process from within. Skin exposed to daily toxins and environmental pollution can be strengthened and protected by the right kind of nourishment.


  • Gently apply the MIST active serum to cleansed face with your fingertips. Can be used alone or under moisturizer. For best result, use daily.
  • Take 2 tablets of the MIST skin care supplements a day. Consult your physician before using if you are under medical supervision or are pregnant or lactating. Not for use by children under 12 years of age or by individuals allergic to cruciferous vegetables.